Checking for Citizenship of the Russian Federation

Today we will refer to the topic of Russian citizenship. Are you a Russian citizen? It is often not easy to answer this seemingly elementary question. The reason why is the fact that there are several ways to acquire Russian citizenship, including the so-called "automatic" acquisition. This applies to citizens of the former USSR, who were permanently residing in the territory of the Russian Federation (RSFSR) since February 6th, 1992, as well as citizens of Ukraine and stateless people who permanently resided on the territory of the Republic of Crimea or the territory of Sevastopol since March 18th, 2014. In these cases, you may not have documents confirming Russian citizenship (for example, domestic or foreign passports). However, this does not mean that you are not a citizen of the Russian Federation.

If you have Russian citizenship, but there are no documents, this is certifying, it is necessary to pass the procedure for checking the citizenship of the Russian Federation. To do this, you need to apply to the authorized body (it’s the General Consulate of the Russian Federation I Thessaloniki) with the appropriate application, as well as to submit documents that would confirm the fact of citizenship or permanent residence in the territory of the Russian Federation on the above dates.

The application for conducting a check of the citizenship of the Russian Federation can be filled in on the websites of the Consulate General, after which it is necessary to make an appointment. The electronic pre-registration system operates on the website of the Consulate General since March 1st, 2016. You need to register, choose the option "Checking the citizenship" and then follow the instructions given by the system.

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