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Who among us did not encounter the process of collecting and processing documents for various needs at least once? Everybody knows stuffy offices, long queues and endless delays. Any visit to the state authorities, whether it’s a tax or judicial authority, Municipality, Ministry or Consulate, always turns into time cost and nerves. Not to mention a lot of nuances about which most of us do not know (and do not need to), which invariably drag out the process.

The best way to avoid these inconveniences and possible mistakes is to seek for professional help. Composing documents is a time-consuming process that requires experience and knowledge of the case. It is for this that the team of specialists of “Ilona Translations” was formed, which is ready to take care of all your worries.

Our company was founded in 2002. Today it constitutes a well-established mechanism, formed of employees, each of whom specializes in a specific field. Our specialists are graduated lawyers and philologists with experience in both Greece and Russia matters. This allows us to better understand the specifics of both countries, and equally deal with both the issues of Russian and Greek legislation successfully, as well as solve related problems. The latter include translations into various languages, documentary certifications, issuing visas, booking air tickets in Greece and around the world, and a full range of related services that may be required in solving any task, even the most difficult ones.

Our translation agency is accredited by the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Thessaloniki, so we can prepare and officially certify documents on your behalf. We deal with the issues of Russian and Greek citizenship, we prepare a full package of documents for you and your minor children for obtaining Russian citizenship, we compose documents for obtaining citizenship in a simplified procedure, and last but not least, we make requests for checking of the citizenship of the Russian Federation and we register you to the waiting list at the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Thessaloniki.

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