Problems in the registration of Russian citizenship to minors

If you want to register your child with Russian citizenship, you need to file a corresponding application to the Russian Federation Consulate General with the necessary documents. Moreover, in accordance with the law "On Russian Federation Citizenship”, the right to obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified procedure arises from the child, if at least one of his parents is a citizen of Russia.

However, when composing a package of documents, unforeseen difficulties often arise. The most common of these is the mismatch of names or surnames in documents proving the relationship. Such discrepancies emerge, if, for example, the name in one of the documents is changed to the Greek mode, or when the endings of the Greek names are added to the surnames. Identity of names and surnames plays a primary role when the Consulate decides whether to accept or deny the application.

In such cases, there is need for additional confirmation of the degree of kinship, or confirmation of the identity of the person. Everything here depends on every situation independently; as a rule, such confirmation is provided through the Decentralized Office of Macedonia and Thrace, or through Municipalities.

Furthermore, a child's birth certificate and the passport of the parent on whose behalf the application is submitted, as well as the second parent's identity card and his consent to the acquisition of the Russian nationality by the child, must be attached to the application for admission to the nationality of the minor. In case the child is already 14 years of age, it is also necessary to provide his identity card and written consent for the acquisition of citizenship. All documents must be notarized and translated into Russian.

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