Topical issues when applying to the Consulate General of the Russian Federation

Living away from Russia, Russian citizens often face the need to address a matter to a consular post. The list of such questions is very diverse; most often, citizens apply for the following actions:

  • registration of citizenship to the child;
  • passport replacement;
  • performing notarial acts (for example, issuing power of attorney);
  • Civil Registry Office issues, such as marriage registration / divorce and birth registration, name change, etc.;
  • pension issues;
  • registration of permission for temporary residence in the Russian Federation and others.

In Thessaloniki, such an institution is the Consulate General of the Russian Federation. It should be borne in mind that when applying to the Consulate General there are strict rules, compliance with which is a necessary condition for the situation handling. First of all, it is the rightness of the filing of documents and the accuracy of the translations (all documents must be submitted in Russian, and the translations are officially certified). All originals are provided with copies. Any documents not issued in the Russian Federation, must be certified by the stamp APOSTILLE. In some cases, for example, when issuing power of attorney, the text of the document is submitted to the Consulate on an electronic form (flash card). It should be kept in mind that some certificates are subjected to a statute of limitations, after which they become invalid.

Reception of citizens in the General Consulate of the Russian Federation is carried out only by prior appointment. Since March 1, 2016, an electronic pre-recording system operates on the website of the Consulate General. To make an appointment, you need to fill out an electronic application, after which you will be sent an electronic code, which must be printed and presented when applying to the Consulate General.

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