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Certified text translation from Greek to Russian

Working with official documents is always a time-consuming process that requires experience and knowledge of each case. There are many cases for which most people just have no knowledge (and do not necessarily need to know). At the same time, from time to time, each of us faces the procedure of collecting and processing documents. To help with this, we have created a team, ready to take care of all your concerns. We will advise you on any matter and we will provide you with comprehensive help to solve your problem.


Our certified translators from English to Greek will translate texts, no matter how complex they are. «Ilona Translations» specialists provide translation services for documents in Greek, Russian, English, Georgian, Ukrainian, German, Romanian and other languages. Our office is accredited by the Consulate General of the Russian Federation, which means that it does not have to trouble the customer with double time or money. We will compile a set of documents, translate and validate them, whether it is a simple attorney attestation, an academic certificate or the Russian Consulate.

You will forget the difficulties of translation with us!

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Translator from Greek to English


Why Ilona Translations?


Our company was founded in 2002. Today the “Ilona Translations” team is a well-established mechanism, consisting of professionals, who cover every specialized discipline for translations each of whom is a specialist in his field. This allows us to deal equally with the issues of both Russian and Greek legislation and resolve related problems. The latter includes translations in various languages, document certification, visas, ticket reservations and hotels in Greece and around the world, as well as the full range of related services that may be needed to solve everything, even the most complex tasks.

Our service: book translation from Greek, translation from Greek to Russian, text in Greek with translation, greek translator online and other.


Translator from Greek to Russian


Our specialists are graduate lawyers and philologists with experience both in Greece and Russia, who helped us to better understand the specificities of both countries. Our translation office is certified by the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Thessaloniki, thanks to which we can prepare official documents in both Russian and Greek.

  • Translation of texts of any complexity and web pages’ translation
  • Accreditation at the General Consulate of the Russian Federation in Thessaloniki
  • Certified translators
  • Legal and notary services
  • Official translations in all languages of the world
  • Help in issuing residence permit and citizenship
  • Writing documents for the Russian Federation: proxies, passports, visas
  • Advice on legal issues
  • Broker intersession in buying and selling real estate