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Law office, legal translations

Law office, legal translationsFor over a decade, Ilona Translations has been engaged in legal support of citizens and legal entities, both in Greece and in Russia. Our specialists are a team of certified lawyers and philologists familiar with the specifics of the legislation of both countries. The accumulated experience allows us to be equally successful in dealing with issues of both Russian and Greek legislation, as well as solving related tasks. The latter include translations into various languages, preparation and certification of documents, visa processing, booking of air tickets and hotels in Greece and around the world and the whole range of related services that may be needed to solve any, even the most complex, task.

Features of legal translation when providing legal aid

A lot depends on a lawyer when supporting business transactions, ensuring high-quality legal protection of a client’s interests abroad, as well as when working with other documentation. A lawyer must possess the skills of legal translation and comply with the special requirements in this area for style, turn of speech, terminology.

When concluding international transactions or carrying out any activity on the territory of another country with another language, it is beneficial to use the services of professional lawyers and translators who speak the required languages. This ensures that the assistance provided will be qualified, and large losses due to inaccurate wording in another language will be avoided.

The specialists of our law office are always in the trend of the most relevant changes in legislation and will advise you in accordance with current realities.

Types of legal translation:

1. Corporate documentation (charters, constituent documents, contracts, acts, applications, etc.);
2. Legislative documents (laws, memorandums, legal opinions);
3. Expert opinions, protocols, certificates.

When rendering legal services and working with legal documents, a specialist is obliged to strictly observe terminological unambiguity. He also needs to be fluent in standardized text forms, take into account interlingual features and present everything in full, following a logical sequence.

The main difficulties of international advocacy

A specialist needs to study various legislative systems, legal texts, codes, etc., in order to competently advise foreign citizens. The lawyer also possesses the basic principles of translation of legal texts (style, phraseological units, vocabulary).

When translating a text, professionals pay special attention to certain points:

  • Deviation in style from the commonly used.
  • Turnovers that have been accepted in official stationery.
  • Translation of rarely used locutions into another language.
  • Verbal forms and specific legal terminology that is supposed to be regulated.
  • Legal abbreviations.
  • Unambiguous use of terms (double interpretation is unacceptable).
  • Typical abbreviations that are peculiar for legal documentation.
  • Wordings that have no parallel in another language. In this case, a competent specialist will choose the most appropriate term to convey the exact meaning in the target language.

Law Office in Greece

The law department of "Ilona Translations" will assist you with any legal issues that may arise. The accumulated experience of our specialists who understand the subtleties of the legislation of different countries guarantees the full compliance of the legal text with all the legal norms of the language of translation.

Our services include:

  • business registration in Greece / Russia;
  • official translations in all languages;
  • services of lawyer and notary public;
  • assistance in obtaining a residence permit / citizenship;
  • preparation of powers of attorney, certificates, statements in Russian, English and Greek;
  • applications for passport issuance;
  • legal support of real estate transactions at any stage;
  • advising on any legal issues.

Contact our law office, tell us about your situation and get professional legal assistance and support!

Our translation agency is accredited by the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Thessaloniki, so we can prepare official documents in both Russian and Greek. We will completely formulate a package of documents for you, perform translations and assure documents - either a simple attestation by an attorney or an assurance in collegium or in the Russian Consulate. This means that you do not have to go anywhere else, waste your time and pay twice, and you can be completely complacent for the accuracy of your documents.

With us, you will forget about the difficulties of translation!

If you are interested in obtaining / extending a residence permit in Greece, you can contact “Ilona Translations” for a full consultation on this matter. There are many different categories of residence permit, and therefore we need to familiarize ourselves with the specific situation in order to offer you the best solution. We will advise you on obtaining a residence permit, as well as provide comprehensive assistance in the formation and submission of a package of documents. Cooperating with “Ilona Translations”, you can be absolutely sure of the positive result. Trust professionals!

Acquiring Greek citizenship means unimpeded access to any EU countries, the opportunity to travel, work and study anywhere in Europe without any restrictions! At the same time, the acquisition of Greek citizenship is a laborious and complex process. Without the help of a specialist, you cannot do this, especially if you are not sure of the positive result. The assistance of professionals in obtaining citizenship can be extremely useful, and in some cases a favorable outcome directly depends on it.

Rely on the many years of experience of the lawyers of “Ilona Translations” in matters of citizenship law, and you do not have to regret the decision!

Are you interested in buying a house in Greece? Or are you already the owner of a house and now want to dispose of your property? In either of the cases above, you have come to the right place!

“Ilona Translations” provides comprehensive assistance to buyers and homeowners in Greece. Qualified lawyers and notaries will provide legal support for real estate transactions, including notarization and state registration of the transaction.

In particular, legal services include:

• advising on any issues related to real estate, including tax matters;

• legal support of real estate transactions;

• analysis of title documents - verification of compliance with applicable laws;

• analysis and formation of a package of documents for real estate;

• checking of legal purity of the facility, absence of any encumbrances;

• representation of the client's interests in the course of negotiations with other parties to the transaction, as well as in state registration authorities of immovable property (Land Registry of Greece and National Cadastre);

• other services, including representation of the client as a proxy for him.

The main income of older people is their pension payments. However, not everyone is able to understand the intricacies of Russian and Greek pension laws. Moreover, if a person is simultaneously a citizen of two or more states, the questions become even greater, because the subtleties of the legislation on dual citizenship are not familiar to everyone.

Qualified lawyers of “Ilona Translations” will advise you on any questions regarding pension legislation and other social payments that you are entitled to. We will help you figure out which payments are due to you, and we will assist in their processing and receipt.

World tourism is gaining a lot of momentum every year, because travel is one of the most pleasant ways of spending leisure. However, not every country is accessible without a visa. Forming and submitting a package of documents necessary for a visa is a complicated procedure, especially if this is your first visit. That is why “Ilona Translations” office offers its clients a visa support service, including comprehensive assistance in obtaining a visa at the earliest convenience.