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translation of documents GreekIlona Translations performs translations of official documents (identity cards, passports, certificates, extracts, certificates, diplomas, etc.) of any degree of complexity. Today, in the conditions of growth and strengthening of international relations – both at the national and universal levels – it is increasingly necessary to translate and properly certify documents and business papers. Such an assurance includes, in particular, the affixing of an APOSTILLE stamp, which replaces the procedure of legalizing official documents intended for foreign entities.

Ilona Translations certified translators provide translation services for documents in Greek, Russian, English, Georgian, Ukrainian, German and other languages. The bureau is accredited by the Consulate General of the Russian Federation.

Technical features of translation in Greek, English, Russian

Having Internet at their disposal, users are now provided with a variety of online translators where they can translate any texts for free. However, the quality of such a translation leaves much to be desired. As a rule, such translation is either a set of incoherent words, or it isn’t exact, so users are forced to perform almost the entire translation on their own. To save time and effort it is easier to trust it to a translation agency. But one should not naively believe that any bureau can cope with the documents or technical instructions. To translate everything correctly, it is necessary to understand the technique, as well as specifics of the scientific and technical language. Only a person specializing in this field will be able to take into account all the nuances and to make a correct translation competently, quickly, without discrepancies and using the correct terminology.

Other translation difficulties (to Greek / English, from Greek / English)

The syntax of different languages differs significantly. Therefore, the order of words often changes for readability and preservation of meaning.

There are certain words that are omitted or aren’t used in another language (articles, specifying verbs, etc.). Sometimes, depending on the context, one should choose the most suitable descriptive translation in such cases, without losing the main idea.

Polysemy of words. There are lots of words that have a variety of meanings, sometimes completely unrelated to each other, or having a different stylistic coloring. In order to establish the true meaning, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the specifics of the context considering neighboring words. But even after that, without the appropriate experience and knowledge of nuances (for example, expressions specific to each language), one can get confused with the meanings and choose the wrong one.

Languages (Greek, English, Russian, etc.) keep developing; some updates and changes are constantly being made. This is especially true of scientific and medical texts that require constant monitoring of the development of terminology. Some words or expressions can significantly change the meaning, while others can be completely out of use. As a rule, professional translators always improve their skills, which help them to have the most advanced knowledge of the language in their professional field.

Translation of Greek texts into Russian / English is easy!

In addition to official documents, our specialists also perform other types of translations from Russian into Greek and from Greek into Russian:

  • Translation of contracts, powers of attorney, agreements, statutory and other documents.
  • Translation of scientific texts, studies, reviews, dissertations of varying degrees of complexity.
  • Translation of books and periodicals.Translation of brochures, flyers, leaflets.
  • Translation and editing of internal documents of public and private organizations.

We perform high-quality professional translations where inaccuracies and errors are excluded. All our specialists have higher education in their field of translation (technical, legal, etc.) and years of experience, which allows them to cope with texts of varying degrees of complexity.

Text or call us to order the translation of texts from Greek into Russian, from Russian into Greek, as well as translation from Greek into English and other languages.


“Ilona Translations” provides interpretation services from Russian, Greek, English, Georgian and Turkish. Our specialists are ready to accompany you at any events, exhibitions, seminars, business negotiations, all kinds of meetings and presentations or reception of foreign guests. You can be assured of the quality of the services provided with us. Certified translators with extensive experience will let you and your interlocutors forget that you speak different languages.

Book translation

Translation of books is a painstaking and creative workTranslation of any kind of literature requires deep knowledge, accumulated over the years of experience, as well as an individual approach to each work. Not only the knowledge of the translation technique is important, but also the ability to preserve the style of the translated work, the ability to correctly convey a thought, find the most suitable analogues for metaphors and catchwords, without distorting the original text. As for the translation of popular science and highly specialized literature, it requires a deep knowledge of the subject area.

When translating books, dissertations, scientific works into Greek, Russian, English, etc., specific quality requirements are set by default. There is a number of key conditions to be met:

  • the accuracy of the transfer of ideas and thoughts of the author;
  • the accuracy of the transfer of terminology used in the text, the language of the book;
  • lack of additions, omissions of parts of the text.

Translation of books is a painstaking and creative work

A book written in the language that is clear to the reader can immerse him into its own world and makes it possible to experience the life of its heroes. But there is a huge amount of books that deserve attention, which are written in various foreign languages that may be inaccessible to the public due to the language barrier.

Book translators from English to Greek, Greek to Russian, etc. are working to make literature widespread and readable anywhere in the world. However, not every translator has the ability to translate books well, even if he speaks the language perfectly. After all, you need to preserve the humor, aesthetic vision, the atmosphere offered by the author, and other elements. It is important that the reader "hears" the author, and not the translator. And in order for the translator to produce the most accurate and easy translation of a book, it seems necessary to develop a writing talent. Therefore, the translator of fiction books from English, Russian, Greek and any other languages is, in a way, a writer himself.

Translation of books from English, Greek, Russian, German

The services of translators from Greek and English are required by Russian replicating publishing houses for the distribution of English and Greek books in Russia.
Translation of books from Greek to Russian or from English to Russian is needed by foreign authors who want to sell their books in Russia and the CIS, in collaboration with local publishers.
Book translation services can be used by citizens who need a copy of the work in their own language, be it Greek, English or Russian. And also in case they want to send a book to someone abroad. In this case, they will need the option of translating the book into Greek or English. Or vice versa, the Greek language is translated into Russian.

The cost of translating books into Greek, Russian, English

The price of translation of books is formed from a variety of factors, and there is no single cost for this service. The greatest impact on the price:

  • subject of the book;
  • original language;
  • target language;
  • the volume of the book in pages or signs;
  • necessary terms for translation.

The specialists of Ilona Translations perform translations of books of any subject and of varying complexity into Russian, English, Greek and other languages in any direction. Certified philologists and translators are involved in translating and editing both fiction and popular science, technical and educational literature. We strictly monitor the quality of work performed, and all final texts are subject to mandatory proofreading. Rely on the experts of Ilona Translations, with us you can be confident in the result. Call and specify the prices for the translation of books from Greek, English or Russian!

Certified Translators

Not everyone will be able to competently translate any official documents into a foreign language. Not knowing the specific terms of the field and the general lack of understanding of the topic will not allow for a legally competent translation, which could be sealed. In such cases, you can use the services of a translation agency for certified translation (from Russian to Greek, from English to Greek, etc.).

A certified translator is able to translate any important documentation, sealed with a notarial stamp and used on demand in various organizations. Certified translators are extremely careful in their task. And a high level of education in this thematic area, which is documented and, accordingly, has extensive knowledge on the subject, allows for the highest quality translation. The notary must also be very attentive, assuring the correctness of the translation with the signature and seal.

Certified Translator Status

Having a certificate for a translator provides some advantages in the order market, highlighting its owner favorably. To become a certified translator (from Greek to Russian, from English to Greek, etc.) you need to get a diploma of higher education, and it is desirable that the specialty is associated with translation activities.

Getting certified translation into Greek and Russian

The translated text must meet certain requirements in order to be recognized as a certified translation. There must be a translation of the original text.

A notarized copy of the document for which certified translation was made is required. There must be a signature of the translator, incl. in the original language. Seal of the notary, confirming both signatures.

The services of certified translators are especially relevant when you need to translate documents from one language to another (from Greek to Russian, from English to Greek, etc.) for representative institutions, non-governmental organizations, or for court cases.

Certified translators from Russian into Greek will be needed by both individuals and legal entities when it is necessary to provide documentation for products to users of these countries.

Certified translators in Greek, Russian, English, German

Translation agency Ilona Translations in Thessaloniki is accredited by the Russian Consulate General in Thessaloniki. This means that:
We carry out for our clients certified and officially certified translations of any documents that bear the seal and other marks of certification provided for by the Russian legislation (in Greek, English, Russian);
We make statements, powers of attorney, packages of documents, carry out all types of translations for subsequent submission to the Consulate General of the Russian Federation, taking into account all the necessary requirements and formalities;
Special training and experience in legal translations is a necessary and most important condition for obtaining accreditation.

In our work we are focused on long-term cooperation, and therefore we are distinguished by an individual approach to each client. The team of Ilona Translations is made up of qualified translators who have studied and subsequently completed internships both in Greece and abroad. Our certified translators are distinguished by the knowledge of two languages ​​at the level of relatives, a great experience, and - which is also important - talent and sincere interest!

Translation is our profession!

Translation of scientific and medical texts

Translation of medical texts into Greek, English, RussianScientific are translations of specialized texts relating to various branches of science. We are engaged in scientific translations of master's works, graduate qualification works of bachelor, various studies, reviews, articles, research reports, publications, etc.

Main research areas:

Humanitarian sciences
Political and other social sciences
Technical science
Medicine and Health
Translation of scientific texts

Not every translator can perform a competent translation of scientific texts. After all, it is important not only to correctly translate the terms used, but it is also necessary to bring the text to the reader in the most suitable form while preserving the style of presentation.

Scientific texts have some characteristic features. This is a special vocabulary and precise use of terminology, rigor and clarity of presentation. For the editor and translator, it is necessary to understand the methodology of processing scientific and medical texts, the ability to transmit facts without distortion in a style that corresponds to scientific articles in the target language. For example, in Russian-language medical and scientific texts there is a pronounced abundance of nouns and a desire to write dry texts, while in English there is more room for the author’s emotional inserts.

In order to carry out a high-quality translation of technical or scientific texts in addition to a good command of a foreign language, it is also necessary to have a special education in this field. Possession of relevant terminological vocabulary, as well as the ability to compose and understand difficult syntactic constructions, will help in practice to get the most accurate, with preservation of all features, translation of a technical or scientific text (article, monograph, patent, design documentation, etc.)

Translation of medical texts into Greek, English, Russian

One of the most responsible and complex kinds of translation is one of medical texts. Indeed, the accuracy of the diagnosis and the selection of the most appropriate treatment for the patient depend on the accuracy of the transfer of the extract from the medical history, the results of laboratory tests and examinations. Even a seemingly insignificant mistake when translating a medical text can eventually lead to serious bodily harm.

The services of translation of medical texts are used by people who need to be treated in clinics in other countries. This often requires a subsequent translation of the medical text from the clinic into the native language.

Often, pharmaceutical companies planning to enter a foreign market face the need to make a correct translation of the medical texts associated with their products. These may include instructions for the preparation, results of clinical studies, licenses, certificates and other documents. And in the case of sales of medical equipment the translation of the technical manual is required.

Do not forget that the medical vocabulary is alive and often changes. Constantly there are new methods of diagnosis, treatment, research results. Therefore, every year the terminology in medicine is replenished with a number of new terms, while the previously used words can change their meaning or completely disappear from use. This complicates the process of translating medical texts, because you still need to follow the trends in this area and constantly adjust your knowledge.

Translation of medical and scientific texts into Greek, English, Russian and other languages

In addition to the skills of translating scientific and medical texts, fluency in the language and quite a lot of experience, this type of translation also requires highly specialized knowledge and an advanced level of writing style. That is why our translators have a higher education not only in the field of linguistics, but also in other fields, being graduates of both Greek and Russian universities. This allows us to perform high-quality translations of any complexity in the shortest possible time. Contact us for advice!

Website translation

Translation of sites into English, Greek, Russian, German and other languagesToday, in the conditions of globalization of the economy and the constant expansion of markets, it is absolutely necessary to speak "the same language" with the client. First of all, this means promoting your products in as many languages ​​as possible, which will require the use of website translation services.

Translation of sites into English, Greek, Russian, German and other languages

Nowadays, business often grows through Internet sites. Having one or more foreign languages ​​on your website is a powerful marketing tool for promoting your company and its products on the world market. The site can be both a representative office of the company and a trading platform. It is beneficial for the site to be translated into different foreign languages.

Website translation (localization) is a whole complex of measures designed to create a full-fledged version of a website in another language. This implies not only the translation of the textual component of the site, but also the translation of other elements (buttons, animation, graphics, etc.). Translation of sites allows you to adapt them to a specific foreign audience, which will expand the circle of potential customers or partners.

Translation of the site into English automatically turns it into an international one. Such a resource will become clear to a wide international audience, and the offered goods or services will become more competitive.

The advantages of localization and translation of the site

Advertising becomes clearer and works more efficiently if the page is written in the native language of the visitor.

Improved perception. Translation of the site significantly increases the likelihood that it will be read by foreign representatives of the target audience. After all, on a website with only one language, not only will information not be perceived, but also there may be difficulties with orientation on the website itself, as a result of which the visitor will want to leave it as soon as possible. Of course, you can hope that he will use a robotic translator, but this also carries a number of inconveniences associated with the low quality of automated translation, time costs and the need to make extra efforts to penetrate into some descriptions.

In the case when a high-quality translation of the website into Russian, Greek, English or another language is done, it will be much easier for the visitor and support specialist to understand each other if any difficulties arise. This will simplify the provision of technical support.

Factor attention to a foreign user. A good translation of sites shows a sign of respect for the culture of the visitor and for him in particular.

Bonuses to the image and prestige of the company. If the user sees the site, which can be viewed in English, Russian, Greek and other languages, this automatically shows that the visitor is dealing with a serious international company.

Features translation sites

Translation of sites can be from Russian to Greek, from English to Greek, from Russian to English or other language options. The translator needs not only to know the translation language very well, but also to be able to adapt it to the target country’s audience if necessary. For example, in the USA, Australia and the UK there are different language standards of English.

Translation agency Ilona Translations translates websites on various subjects into English, Greek and other European languages ​​in two ways:

  • In text format
  • In the form of HTML pages
  • You will need the following information:
  • Address of the website being translated;
  • translation language;
  • terms of translation;
  • method of translation (text format or HTML).

Translation of travel texts

Translation of tourist texts from Greek to Russian, from English to GreekOften translators face some problems when translating travel texts, mainly related to cultural content.

The tourism industry in modern times is developing rapidly and constantly in need of advertising, which will offer various services to tourists, prompting them to go to a place. Naturally, they are trying to attract tourists from all over the world, so the translation of tourist texts is a fairly dynamic service industry.

In order to familiarize travelers with the sights, some interesting features of the place and the services provided, a set of brochures, guidebooks, leaflets, posters, etc., is compiled and printed, the tourist texts of which need to be translated into many languages. And foreigners themselves are much more comfortable when the information is provided in their own, or at least in English language.

Oral tourism translation services are also in demand. They are used, for example, on excursions from local guides.

Translation of travel texts in Greece

The specifics of the translation of tourist texts from/to Greek, English, German, or Russian

Travel brochures, as a rule, have an attractive design and are designed to catch the eye of a potential traveler. Their appearance is carefully thought out, filled with pictures, and a certain area is allocated for the text. And here many people have difficulties, because languages ​​have different characteristics (words of different lengths, but you need to fit the text harmoniously, without losing the meaning and appearance).

The target audience should ultimately understand the translation of travel texts in order to perform the proposed actions or to be able to use the services offered. Often there is a question of adaptation when translating a tourist text, when it is not possible to convey the culture of the original due to the limited space.

Translation of a tourist text should have the same effect on a person as the text in the original language. It is important that the length of the translation of the tourist text coincided with the length of the original. Due to the heterogeneity of languages, to achieve this effect when translating travel texts (from Greek to Russian, from English to Russian, etc.) is not easy for many. And if the output is a message that will be difficult to understand, the message of the tourist text will be violated, and the purpose of its compilation will not be achieved.

Translation of tourist texts from Greek to Russian, from English to Greek

Translation of travel texts from Greek to English

Thanks to its warm Mediterranean climate, clean sea with sandy beaches, unique landscapes and rich history, Greece has for many years been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Tourism in Greece is one of the main sectors of the economy. Local entrepreneurs, trying to please the customer, often offer their services in their native language. In such cases, translation services from Greek may often be required.

For these and other purposes, Ilona Translations performs translations of travel texts of varying complexity. These include:

    catalogs, various types of advertising and informational texts, etc.;
    Oral tourism translation services at various exhibitions and presentations.

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