Translation of books from English, Greek, Russian, German

Book translation

Translation of books is a painstaking and creative workTranslation of any kind of literature requires deep knowledge, accumulated over the years of experience, as well as an individual approach to each work. Not only the knowledge of the translation technique is important, but also the ability to preserve the style of the translated work, the ability to correctly convey a thought, find the most suitable analogues for metaphors and catchwords, without distorting the original text. As for the translation of popular science and highly specialized literature, it requires a deep knowledge of the subject area.

When translating books, dissertations, scientific works into Greek, Russian, English, etc., specific quality requirements are set by default. There is a number of key conditions to be met:

  • the accuracy of the transfer of ideas and thoughts of the author;
  • the accuracy of the transfer of terminology used in the text, the language of the book;
  • lack of additions, omissions of parts of the text.

Translation of books is a painstaking and creative work

A book written in the language that is clear to the reader can immerse him into its own world and makes it possible to experience the life of its heroes. But there is a huge amount of books that deserve attention, which are written in various foreign languages that may be inaccessible to the public due to the language barrier.

Book translators from English to Greek, Greek to Russian, etc. are working to make literature widespread and readable anywhere in the world. However, not every translator has the ability to translate books well, even if he speaks the language perfectly. After all, you need to preserve the humor, aesthetic vision, the atmosphere offered by the author, and other elements. It is important that the reader "hears" the author, and not the translator. And in order for the translator to produce the most accurate and easy translation of a book, it seems necessary to develop a writing talent. Therefore, the translator of fiction books from English, Russian, Greek and any other languages is, in a way, a writer himself.

Translation of books from English, Greek, Russian, German

The services of translators from Greek and English are required by Russian replicating publishing houses for the distribution of English and Greek books in Russia.
Translation of books from Greek to Russian or from English to Russian is needed by foreign authors who want to sell their books in Russia and the CIS, in collaboration with local publishers.
Book translation services can be used by citizens who need a copy of the work in their own language, be it Greek, English or Russian. And also in case they want to send a book to someone abroad. In this case, they will need the option of translating the book into Greek or English. Or vice versa, the Greek language is translated into Russian.

The cost of translating books into Greek, Russian, English

The price of translation of books is formed from a variety of factors, and there is no single cost for this service. The greatest impact on the price:

  • subject of the book;
  • original language;
  • target language;
  • the volume of the book in pages or signs;
  • necessary terms for translation.

The specialists of Ilona Translations perform translations of books of any subject and of varying complexity into Russian, English, Greek and other languages in any direction. Certified philologists and translators are involved in translating and editing both fiction and popular science, technical and educational literature. We strictly monitor the quality of work performed, and all final texts are subject to mandatory proofreading. Rely on the experts of Ilona Translations, with us you can be confident in the result. Call and specify the prices for the translation of books from Greek, English or Russian!