Certified translators in Greek, Russian, English, German

Certified Translators

Not everyone will be able to competently translate any official documents into a foreign language. Not knowing the specific terms of the field and the general lack of understanding of the topic will not allow for a legally competent translation, which could be sealed. In such cases, you can use the services of a translation agency for certified translation (from Russian to Greek, from English to Greek, etc.).

A certified translator is able to translate any important documentation, sealed with a notarial stamp and used on demand in various organizations. Certified translators are extremely careful in their task. And a high level of education in this thematic area, which is documented and, accordingly, has extensive knowledge on the subject, allows for the highest quality translation. The notary must also be very attentive, assuring the correctness of the translation with the signature and seal.

Certified Translator Status

Having a certificate for a translator provides some advantages in the order market, highlighting its owner favorably. To become a certified translator (from Greek to Russian, from English to Greek, etc.) you need to get a diploma of higher education, and it is desirable that the specialty is associated with translation activities.

Getting certified translation into Greek and Russian

The translated text must meet certain requirements in order to be recognized as a certified translation. There must be a translation of the original text.

A notarized copy of the document for which certified translation was made is required. There must be a signature of the translator, incl. in the original language. Seal of the notary, confirming both signatures.

The services of certified translators are especially relevant when you need to translate documents from one language to another (from Greek to Russian, from English to Greek, etc.) for representative institutions, non-governmental organizations, or for court cases.

Certified translators from Russian into Greek will be needed by both individuals and legal entities when it is necessary to provide documentation for products to users of these countries.

Certified translators in Greek, Russian, English, German

Translation agency Ilona Translations in Thessaloniki is accredited by the Russian Consulate General in Thessaloniki. This means that:
We carry out for our clients certified and officially certified translations of any documents that bear the seal and other marks of certification provided for by the Russian legislation (in Greek, English, Russian);
We make statements, powers of attorney, packages of documents, carry out all types of translations for subsequent submission to the Consulate General of the Russian Federation, taking into account all the necessary requirements and formalities;
Special training and experience in legal translations is a necessary and most important condition for obtaining accreditation.

In our work we are focused on long-term cooperation, and therefore we are distinguished by an individual approach to each client. The team of Ilona Translations is made up of qualified translators who have studied and subsequently completed internships both in Greece and abroad. Our certified translators are distinguished by the knowledge of two languages ​​at the level of relatives, a great experience, and - which is also important - talent and sincere interest!

Translation is our profession!