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translation of documents GreekIlona Translations performs translations of official documents (identity cards, passports, certificates, extracts, certificates, diplomas, etc.) of any degree of complexity. Today, in the conditions of growth and strengthening of international relations – both at the national and universal levels – it is increasingly necessary to translate and properly certify documents and business papers. Such an assurance includes, in particular, the affixing of an APOSTILLE stamp, which replaces the procedure of legalizing official documents intended for foreign entities.

Ilona Translations certified translators provide translation services for documents in Greek, Russian, English, Georgian, Ukrainian, German and other languages. The bureau is accredited by the Consulate General of the Russian Federation.

Technical features of translation in Greek, English, Russian

Having Internet at their disposal, users are now provided with a variety of online translators where they can translate any texts for free. However, the quality of such a translation leaves much to be desired. As a rule, such translation is either a set of incoherent words, or it isn’t exact, so users are forced to perform almost the entire translation on their own. To save time and effort it is easier to trust it to a translation agency. But one should not naively believe that any bureau can cope with the documents or technical instructions. To translate everything correctly, it is necessary to understand the technique, as well as specifics of the scientific and technical language. Only a person specializing in this field will be able to take into account all the nuances and to make a correct translation competently, quickly, without discrepancies and using the correct terminology.

Other translation difficulties (to Greek / English, from Greek / English)

The syntax of different languages differs significantly. Therefore, the order of words often changes for readability and preservation of meaning.

There are certain words that are omitted or aren’t used in another language (articles, specifying verbs, etc.). Sometimes, depending on the context, one should choose the most suitable descriptive translation in such cases, without losing the main idea.

Polysemy of words. There are lots of words that have a variety of meanings, sometimes completely unrelated to each other, or having a different stylistic coloring. In order to establish the true meaning, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the specifics of the context considering neighboring words. But even after that, without the appropriate experience and knowledge of nuances (for example, expressions specific to each language), one can get confused with the meanings and choose the wrong one.

Languages (Greek, English, Russian, etc.) keep developing; some updates and changes are constantly being made. This is especially true of scientific and medical texts that require constant monitoring of the development of terminology. Some words or expressions can significantly change the meaning, while others can be completely out of use. As a rule, professional translators always improve their skills, which help them to have the most advanced knowledge of the language in their professional field.

Translation of Greek texts into Russian / English is easy!

In addition to official documents, our specialists also perform other types of translations from Russian into Greek and from Greek into Russian:

  • Translation of contracts, powers of attorney, agreements, statutory and other documents.
  • Translation of scientific texts, studies, reviews, dissertations of varying degrees of complexity.
  • Translation of books and periodicals.Translation of brochures, flyers, leaflets.
  • Translation and editing of internal documents of public and private organizations.

We perform high-quality professional translations where inaccuracies and errors are excluded. All our specialists have higher education in their field of translation (technical, legal, etc.) and years of experience, which allows them to cope with texts of varying degrees of complexity.

Text or call us to order the translation of texts from Greek into Russian, from Russian into Greek, as well as translation from Greek into English and other languages.