Translation of medical and scientific texts into Greek, English, Russian and other languages

Translation of scientific and medical texts

Translation of medical texts into Greek, English, RussianScientific are translations of specialized texts relating to various branches of science. We are engaged in scientific translations of master's works, graduate qualification works of bachelor, various studies, reviews, articles, research reports, publications, etc.

Main research areas:

Humanitarian sciences
Political and other social sciences
Technical science
Medicine and Health
Translation of scientific texts

Not every translator can perform a competent translation of scientific texts. After all, it is important not only to correctly translate the terms used, but it is also necessary to bring the text to the reader in the most suitable form while preserving the style of presentation.

Scientific texts have some characteristic features. This is a special vocabulary and precise use of terminology, rigor and clarity of presentation. For the editor and translator, it is necessary to understand the methodology of processing scientific and medical texts, the ability to transmit facts without distortion in a style that corresponds to scientific articles in the target language. For example, in Russian-language medical and scientific texts there is a pronounced abundance of nouns and a desire to write dry texts, while in English there is more room for the author’s emotional inserts.

In order to carry out a high-quality translation of technical or scientific texts in addition to a good command of a foreign language, it is also necessary to have a special education in this field. Possession of relevant terminological vocabulary, as well as the ability to compose and understand difficult syntactic constructions, will help in practice to get the most accurate, with preservation of all features, translation of a technical or scientific text (article, monograph, patent, design documentation, etc.)

Translation of medical texts into Greek, English, Russian

One of the most responsible and complex kinds of translation is one of medical texts. Indeed, the accuracy of the diagnosis and the selection of the most appropriate treatment for the patient depend on the accuracy of the transfer of the extract from the medical history, the results of laboratory tests and examinations. Even a seemingly insignificant mistake when translating a medical text can eventually lead to serious bodily harm.

The services of translation of medical texts are used by people who need to be treated in clinics in other countries. This often requires a subsequent translation of the medical text from the clinic into the native language.

Often, pharmaceutical companies planning to enter a foreign market face the need to make a correct translation of the medical texts associated with their products. These may include instructions for the preparation, results of clinical studies, licenses, certificates and other documents. And in the case of sales of medical equipment the translation of the technical manual is required.

Do not forget that the medical vocabulary is alive and often changes. Constantly there are new methods of diagnosis, treatment, research results. Therefore, every year the terminology in medicine is replenished with a number of new terms, while the previously used words can change their meaning or completely disappear from use. This complicates the process of translating medical texts, because you still need to follow the trends in this area and constantly adjust your knowledge.

Translation of medical and scientific texts into Greek, English, Russian and other languages

In addition to the skills of translating scientific and medical texts, fluency in the language and quite a lot of experience, this type of translation also requires highly specialized knowledge and an advanced level of writing style. That is why our translators have a higher education not only in the field of linguistics, but also in other fields, being graduates of both Greek and Russian universities. This allows us to perform high-quality translations of any complexity in the shortest possible time. Contact us for advice!