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Translation of travel texts

Translation of tourist texts from Greek to Russian, from English to GreekOften translators face some problems when translating travel texts, mainly related to cultural content.

The tourism industry in modern times is developing rapidly and constantly in need of advertising, which will offer various services to tourists, prompting them to go to a place. Naturally, they are trying to attract tourists from all over the world, so the translation of tourist texts is a fairly dynamic service industry.

In order to familiarize travelers with the sights, some interesting features of the place and the services provided, a set of brochures, guidebooks, leaflets, posters, etc., is compiled and printed, the tourist texts of which need to be translated into many languages. And foreigners themselves are much more comfortable when the information is provided in their own, or at least in English language.

Oral tourism translation services are also in demand. They are used, for example, on excursions from local guides.

Translation of travel texts in Greece

The specifics of the translation of tourist texts from/to Greek, English, German, or Russian

Travel brochures, as a rule, have an attractive design and are designed to catch the eye of a potential traveler. Their appearance is carefully thought out, filled with pictures, and a certain area is allocated for the text. And here many people have difficulties, because languages ​​have different characteristics (words of different lengths, but you need to fit the text harmoniously, without losing the meaning and appearance).

The target audience should ultimately understand the translation of travel texts in order to perform the proposed actions or to be able to use the services offered. Often there is a question of adaptation when translating a tourist text, when it is not possible to convey the culture of the original due to the limited space.

Translation of a tourist text should have the same effect on a person as the text in the original language. It is important that the length of the translation of the tourist text coincided with the length of the original. Due to the heterogeneity of languages, to achieve this effect when translating travel texts (from Greek to Russian, from English to Russian, etc.) is not easy for many. And if the output is a message that will be difficult to understand, the message of the tourist text will be violated, and the purpose of its compilation will not be achieved.

Translation of tourist texts from Greek to Russian, from English to Greek

Translation of travel texts from Greek to English

Thanks to its warm Mediterranean climate, clean sea with sandy beaches, unique landscapes and rich history, Greece has for many years been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Tourism in Greece is one of the main sectors of the economy. Local entrepreneurs, trying to please the customer, often offer their services in their native language. In such cases, translation services from Greek may often be required.

For these and other purposes, Ilona Translations performs translations of travel texts of varying complexity. These include:

    catalogs, various types of advertising and informational texts, etc.;
    Oral tourism translation services at various exhibitions and presentations.

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