Website translation into English, Greek, Russian, German

Website translation

Translation of sites into English, Greek, Russian, German and other languagesToday, in the conditions of globalization of the economy and the constant expansion of markets, it is absolutely necessary to speak "the same language" with the client. First of all, this means promoting your products in as many languages ​​as possible, which will require the use of website translation services.

Translation of sites into English, Greek, Russian, German and other languages

Nowadays, business often grows through Internet sites. Having one or more foreign languages ​​on your website is a powerful marketing tool for promoting your company and its products on the world market. The site can be both a representative office of the company and a trading platform. It is beneficial for the site to be translated into different foreign languages.

Website translation (localization) is a whole complex of measures designed to create a full-fledged version of a website in another language. This implies not only the translation of the textual component of the site, but also the translation of other elements (buttons, animation, graphics, etc.). Translation of sites allows you to adapt them to a specific foreign audience, which will expand the circle of potential customers or partners.

Translation of the site into English automatically turns it into an international one. Such a resource will become clear to a wide international audience, and the offered goods or services will become more competitive.

The advantages of localization and translation of the site

Advertising becomes clearer and works more efficiently if the page is written in the native language of the visitor.

Improved perception. Translation of the site significantly increases the likelihood that it will be read by foreign representatives of the target audience. After all, on a website with only one language, not only will information not be perceived, but also there may be difficulties with orientation on the website itself, as a result of which the visitor will want to leave it as soon as possible. Of course, you can hope that he will use a robotic translator, but this also carries a number of inconveniences associated with the low quality of automated translation, time costs and the need to make extra efforts to penetrate into some descriptions.

In the case when a high-quality translation of the website into Russian, Greek, English or another language is done, it will be much easier for the visitor and support specialist to understand each other if any difficulties arise. This will simplify the provision of technical support.

Factor attention to a foreign user. A good translation of sites shows a sign of respect for the culture of the visitor and for him in particular.

Bonuses to the image and prestige of the company. If the user sees the site, which can be viewed in English, Russian, Greek and other languages, this automatically shows that the visitor is dealing with a serious international company.

Features translation sites

Translation of sites can be from Russian to Greek, from English to Greek, from Russian to English or other language options. The translator needs not only to know the translation language very well, but also to be able to adapt it to the target country’s audience if necessary. For example, in the USA, Australia and the UK there are different language standards of English.

Translation agency Ilona Translations translates websites on various subjects into English, Greek and other European languages ​​in two ways:

  • In text format
  • In the form of HTML pages
  • You will need the following information:
  • Address of the website being translated;
  • translation language;
  • terms of translation;
  • method of translation (text format or HTML).